You Can Heal Your Life the Movie

If you’ve talked to me once, you know that I am the parrot of all positive affirmations. I absolutely love them and effortlessly work them into most conversations. In fact, I share them with you in class and will often sneak them into your Savasana. I silently say them to myself before I teach, then come back to them throughout my day.

Affirmations of all kinds are now a natural part of my inner dialogue. I do this because it works. If you consciously begin to replace the repetitive, negative thoughts that loop in your mind with positive ones, they will eventually be replaced with more positive messages. Think what you like….scowl your face or scrunch your nose….but they work.

I used to be plagued by a never ending loop of negative thoughts in my mind. I’m not good enough, I didn’t get that done.  I should have said that instead of this, my hair looks crazy, wow I look tired…….whatever it was. I didn’t even realize that I was saying unkind things to myself until I really started to pay attention to the messages I was sending myself.

Louise Hay changed my life.

Things that I would never say to another living human being were looping constantly through my brain unchecked throughout the day. I would never allow anyone to speak to me like that so I needed to make a change. I learned how to recognize and change my inner dialogue by studying the work of Louise Hay, one of the world’s greatest teachers and my positivity mentor.

Her work has shown me how to create radical change of all kinds in my life. Louise Hay taught me how to begin to love myself and to learn how to treat myself with value and kindness.  It has taken many years of practice.  I now find myself saying and repeating positive things to myself throughout the day with ease. They are a welcome reprieve from the incessant, negative self-talk that I used to hear all day.

October 8th would have been Louise’s 91st birthday. In celebration, her publishing company, Hay House released her movie, You Can Heal Your Life streaming for free, online. It is one of my very favorite movies and leaves me feeling strong, understood and like I can create any thing at all that I desire. It’s like a session with a half dozen life coaches that really get you and want to see you rock out your most excellent life.

Give it a whirl and see if it speaks to you. You just may learn a new way to speak to yourself.

You Can Heal Your Life Movie

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