Are You Ready to Receive?

Throughout the years I have signed up for countless email lists. You want to show me how to make my life even more awesome? Sure, here’s my email address. Of course I want to listen to your life altering podcast. Sign me up. Needless to say, my inbox is always flooded with inspiration and I love that.

Recently, I received an email from Rhonda Byrne, creator of the mega famous law of attraction franchise, The Secret. This made me perk up because I always love Rhonda’s suggestions on how to be more open and allowing.

I wasn’t always as open to receiving as I am now. It was a skill that I had to first recognize that I was lacking, then learn how to change that and continuously practice. It seems simple but when you really think about it, so many of us find it difficult to receive.

Open and allowing

Compliments, gifts, experiences and opportunities. In the world of allowing, they all equate to the same thing. You are either open and allowing or closed and blocking. As we unknowingly hone our skill of blocking things it becomes second nature and we do it without even thinking. As a result, we not only block the little things, we begin to block the bigger things that are trying to enter our lives as well.  Allowing is allowing, regardless of how big or small your needs or desires.

As human beings we are hard wired to want more, hope for more, work toward more of all kinds of things. Not just money but anything we have ever desired like the opportunity to travel, or the perfect partner. But are we in a space to receive? If we are uncomfortable letting in the smaller things like compliments or a lunch from a friend than how are we to graciously let in greater abundance in our lives?

A checklist shown below was in the email from Rhonda and I love it because it is so straightforward. It is also describing things that many of us do unconsciously throughout our day. These blocking behaviors may have become second nature and without this gentle reminder, how would we even realize that we are engaging in blocking behaviors?

The cool thing is that if you recognize yourself in any of these statements you can change it, today. All you need to make a change is awareness then willingness and practice.

Checklist for Receiving

Here is a checklist to ask yourself if your receiving channels open:

  • Do you receive compliments well?
  • Do you receive unexpected gifts easily?
  • Do you accept help when it is offered?
  • Do you accept your meal being paid for by a friend?

These are little things, but they will help you know if you are open to receiving. Remember, the Universe is moving through everyone and every circumstance to give to you.

— Rhonda Byrne

So, the next time someone compliments your hair or something you are wearing, fight the urge to respond with something like, “Oh god no, my hairs looks crazy today or yuck, no…I need a haircut” and simply say “thank you”.  Receive the compliment as it was intended. The next time you are at your fave coffee shop with your bestie and he/she tries to buy your Double Mocha half-caff Latte, simply say “thank you” and receive their gift.

Ready to receive

Not only will that allow the person you are with the pleasure of treating you to a beverage, you will also be sending a message of openness to the universe. Your willingness to receive will show the universe that you are open and receptive to all types of abundance, because you are graciously ready to receive.

Know that you are worthy of compliments, you are worthy of praise and you are worthy of an abundant life in all of its forms simply because you are you. Let it in and allow yourself to receive.



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  1. Paula shakespeare

    Thank you Sherry. I am constantly reminded by you how fortunate i am having you in my yoga practice and in my life. ❤️Paula.

    1. Sherry Duquet

      Thank you dear friend. You are a gift in my world and no matter how close or far we are, we are bound together in friendship and shared experience. What a blessing! Hugs.

  2. Kay Leslie

    WOW this is perfect timing for me to read this!!I am working on Desiree Mangendog’s “I am Worthy” workbook which incorporates essential oils with journaling and mantras. Highly recommend!!
    I have always struggled with self love and acceptance and have been concentrating on this area for development this year. Things come to us exactly when we need them! Hugs to you Sherry!!

    1. Sandy Boulton

      Wow, what incredible timing. Your workbook sounds amazing, thank you for sharing. Kay you are not alone in that struggle and I am always so grateful when we (all students, teachers, friends) can come together and remind each other that receiving is wonderful and feeling worthy is possible. Hugs to you my friend.

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