A Note of Thanks Addressed to You

Thank you

As we approach our 5 year anniversary, we pause with a note of thanks for you.  We are grateful for every moment you have shared with us.

Five years ago Sandy and I sold our home and everything in it to move to Madeira Beach and own a yoga studio. Neither one of us had experience owning a yoga studio.  5 years agoI had only been a yoga instructor for a year when I took over a full staff of yoga instructors with infinitely more teaching experience than myself.  We were in over our heads. We were absolutely mad to make this decision and yet it felt like the most obvious one to make. “Of course, we will sell everything we own, leave our family, all of our friends and move to a barrier island in Florida to own a yoga studio.”

Somehow the decision to do it was easy; the experience that followed wasn’t always.

There have been many hard days

We have cried thousands of tears because of how hurricanes, red tide, and a global pandemic have affected our ability to share yoga with the community we love.  We have grieved for instructors that have moved on, for students that have moved away, for those who have fallen away, especially from the pandemic, for our snowbirds who could not return and for those who have returned, but leave again each season end.  We have been nearly paralyzed with fear that we would not make it through as the pandemic continued to chip away at our beautiful yoga business. But here we are, with gratitude in each moment.

There have been many amazing days

There have been instructors that have turned into family and students that have become among our closest friends. There have been trips to Shell Key, the Caribbean Islands, sailboat retreats and sunset cruises. We have shared down dogs in grocery stores and forward folds on pool decks. We have celebrated holidays together and consumed thousands of mimosas.

Through all of our experiences, Madeira Beach Yoga has had the tremendous opportunity to show an entire community, including tourists from around the world, that yoga is for everyone.

Together we have pushed through perceived barriers to yoga and have shown hesitant students that yoga can be fun and available for all. We have continuously challenged the pervasive and damaging dogma that yoga is reserved only for the young and flexible.

We have stood firm in our belief that yoga is for everyone and have worked tirelessly to help every student feel invited in, appreciated, and valued. Together, we have created a community of opportunity, inclusivity, and growth and we want to thank you.

Thank you for all of the days that we have shared together. The amazing days and the hard days. We are grateful for them all.

Thank you for trusting us with your friendship, your kindness, your vulnerabilities, and your strengths.

We love you to pieces,

Sherry & Sandy



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  1. Nicole Renée

    A round of applause echoing into the multiverse and an unending parade of roses and dahlias are due. I am so proud of you, Sherry and Sandy! Way to show us what resilience and grace can accomplish!

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Dearest Nicole, we are so grateful for you and your support that knows no limits. You are always there cheering for us and offering yoga wisdom and friend perspective, no matter what the challenge may be. Thank you, always.

  2. Linda Wolf

    You are two of the greatest people I’ve ever met and while I won’t be able to attend the festivities tonight I will be with you in spirit. May you have many, many, many more years of success and I can’t wait to see you both again.

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Thank you so much Linda! We will miss you at the festivities this Sunday, and know you are with us in spirit celebrating. Stay well friend, ’til we meet again.

  3. Paula&Sam

    Love you back. Congrats on 5 years. What a ride it has been for you both!! Thank you for all you do for us and your community. so, so, well. Cheers!

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Cheers indeed, all around. It is with gratitude that we are here. You are so kind and supportive, always, sending much love to you friend!

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Dawn, we are grateful for you being a part of this beautiful yoga family. Thank you for your support!

  4. Jeanne hamilton

    This brought tears to my eyes. Bless you two for taking on the challenge and never giving up. You make the lives of so many people better. Love and miss you.

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Thank you Jeanne! You always make our lives better. We love seeing your constant smile and open heart, miss you more!

  5. Margaret A Blohm

    Congratulations on your fifth anniversary! You have amazing perseverance, resilience and creativity — bringing you to this significant milestone. Keep doing and growing! Love, a Michigan cheerleader

  6. Cheryl Nelson

    I’m from the Chicago area but also enjoy time at our condo in Redington Beach. I’ve have had the pleasure of enjoying your classes with my daughter as well as my 90 year old mother. We brought a chair for mom on Mother’s Day two years ago so that she could participate. Your yoga experiences are unforgettable. Congratulations on 5 Years and Thank You.

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Cheryl, thank you for your well wishes and sharing your sweet story. We remember you joining us for Mother’s Day yoga and your Mom participating from her chair, what a wonderful treat to have had 3 generations of your family with us that day.

  7. Teresa

    So proud to not only call you my yoga buddies, but my inspirational friends.
    You both have made MBY such a way of life for so many people. That was my dream and you
    BOTH have accomplished it so gracefully. The love, time, dedication, caring, support and shoulders to lean on
    has separated you from all the other pretty pennies in the yoga world.
    I love and cherish you both.
    Congratulation on 5 years.

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Teresa, you are an inspiration to us. It is a privilege to call you friend. Thank you for starting this legacy that we have the honor to continue! Love, S&S

  8. Donna Brandt

    If I ever decide to do yoga, it would be with you two. Keep following your hearts and persevering. Congratulations.

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Thank you Donna! We would LOVE to practice yoga with you too, it would fill our hearts with joy.

  9. Joan B

    Love beach yoga, but even love that we can still have it at the Rec center when the beach isn’t suitable! You are both amazing, as are all of your instructors! Congratulations on 5 years, and so glad to be able to celebrate with you this Sunday!

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Us too Joan, so happy that we have such beautiful places to enjoy our practice together.

  10. Lisa J Valentine

    Congratulations! I’m so grateful that you both decided to take the plunge. I got to experience yoga on the beach in the spring during the pandemic. What an incredible blessing it was! I’ll be back in the fall and can’t wait to get back to the beach and my yoga practice there!

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      We are glad that we made the plunge too! It is with gratitude as we have met so many friends like you in doing so.

    1. Sherry & Sandy

      Thank you for sharing your time with us Veronika. We look forward to seeing you when you return!

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