Sunrise and Sunset Beach Yoga Classes

Sunrise beach yoga

One of the many joys of sharing yoga on the beach is shifting classes with the lovely weather here in Madeira Beach. Each year, we can always count on seasonal changes that help us offer classes that follow the sun and temperature.  Sunrise and sunset beach yoga classes are a fun addition on the schedule and are a part of the privilege of sharing outdoor yoga with our Madeira Beach Yoga community.

Spring  and Summer Sunrise Classes
Sunrise beach yoga

Sunrise beach yoga class.

Rise and Shine Beach Yoga classes (sunrise) find their way onto the schedule each spring and summer.  With the sun rising earlier in the morning and summer warmth in full swing, we are able to add this earlybird morning class that begins at 7am.  Because of the early start, many who work weekdays find this a great option for welcoming their day with a little outdoor yoga honoring the sun.

It begins and stays at the 7:00am start time until the sun begins to rise a little later in late summer.  We then, shift the class start time to 7:15am and hold it until after the time changes in the Fall and while temperatures permit.

This class is initally offered on Fridays and then as momentum builds, we have introduced the class on Wednesdays as well.  These classes precede their 8:30am counterparts, which are on the schedule Monday-Saturday.  (which also move to a 9:00am start seasonally around the fall time change)

For those who participate in this Rise & Shine class, they describe it as an added touch of magic.  The beach is quieter, the sky is dramatic and the moon begins to lower as the sun starts to rise.  It is like participating in yoga in your own secret garden.

Fall and Winter Sunset Classes
Sunset beach yoga

Sunset beach yoga class.

The opposite seasons bring the opportunity to introduce Sunset beach yoga classes back on the schedule every year.  This class finds its way on our schedule after the time change in the Fall.  The weekday can change each year, depending on instructor availability.

Typically, the class arrives on the schedule at 6pm and shifts earlier as the sun sets earlier and earlier throughout the season.  Much like its morning counterpart, this seasonal class offering has a special place in the heart of yogis who have attended.  There is a wonderful experience to a yoga class in the evening that ends with savasana blanketed in sunset. And speaking of a blanket, this is a good class to have a light sweater or jacket beside you to cover yourself for savasana as the sun disappears.

What to bring and to wear?

For all of our beach classes, we recommend a beach towel for your practice and water to stay hydrated.  In the warmer months especially, be sure to have plenty of water.  When it comes to what to wear, the answer is anything comfy, your loose fitting clothes are best.  The beach is more forgiving than how most students think of yoga in a studio.  It is more casual in feel and apparel.  You always want to have on weather appropriate clothing for each season.

Beach towels

Beach towels are great for your practice.

Hotter temps?  Lighter clothes, sometimes even a bathing suit to jump in the Gulf after your practice.  There is a bathroom at Archibald Park, where you can change if you wish after yoga.

Cooler temps?  We suggest wearing light layers.  It can be cooler when you start then when you finish.  You can heat up during your practice and it helps to remove a layer or two.

Pro tip:  bring sunscreen and a visor or hat to keep your face protected from the sun.

As with all of our yoga classes, pre-registration online is required for every class for every student.  We are remaining contactless for the health and safety of everyone.  Bringing a friend? They will also need their own Mind Body account profile with a signed waiver and be pre-registered for class, the same as you.

Choose your class from the Class Schedule page on our website, Sign Up.  And, if you are new to Madeira Beach Yoga, Create New account after you click Sign up.  It only takes 2 minutes and you only need to create a profile one time.  From this account profile, you will register for all of your classes moving forward.

Where is Beach yoga held?

All of our beach yoga classes are held at Archibald Park 15100 Gulf Blvd. in Madeira Beach.  Park on the north side of the Snack Shack and walk onto the beach using the nothernmost walkway. Our instructor will be near the shoreline with a Yoga sign.

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