Madeira Beach Yoga Challenge 2023

Madeira Beach Yoga co-owner and instructor Sherry Duquet had long wanted to hold a Mindful Challenge with the community.  Inspired when attending a three part event that included yoga several years ago, it was only a matter of time before this vision would come to fruition in Madeira Beach.

Madeira Beach Yoga Challenge Trio

Delayed once or twice for pandemic reasons, the inaugural Madeira Beach Yoga Challenge took place on April 22, 2023, intentionally honoring Earth Day.  The goal is to host this community event annually.    Madeira Beach Yoga Challenge

The trio of activities included:

  • 1 mile casual beach walk (shorter distance available)
  • Gentle beach yoga class for all levels
  • Guided meditation on the beach

MBY Challenge check-in“These three mini-challenges were designed for all levels to enjoy, without having prior experience in any of the disciplines to join us.” said Duquet.  She continued, “Madeira Beach Yoga is a welcoming place for all who wish to take part in yoga, regardless of skill level and it is essential that the Mindful Challenge have the same vibe.”

It seemed to deliver on the promise of fun for everyone.  Here are a few comments from participants in the MBY Challenge:

  • “This was my first event with y’all ?and it was awesome ? – many thanks”
  • “This event was truly amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! For all your work to make this happen!”
  • “I LOVED this event, can you do it every month??” 

Each registered participant received awesome gifts as well.  The gifts featured a mongrammed Turkish towel, and a hand-stamped metal charm on a chain necklace.

More Event details

The sell out crowd gathered by the MBY tent, placed their towels in the sand and prepared for the beginning of the Challenge.  The start/finish line was at the shoreline and the walk headed south 1/2 mile before making the turn at the water’s edge and return back to Archibald Park.  Then, a brief waterbreak took place while waiting for all the walkers to arrive back to our beach area.  The practice was a lovely and available beach yoga class that stretched and lengthened everyone after the walk.  Staying in the same place in the sand, everyone then enjoyed a blissful guided meditation practice.  Activities ended with closing remarks, snacks and water in community camaraderie.

A bonus gift of reef-safe sunscreen was available for all from our friends at Keep Pinellas Beautiful.

See you next year for the 2024 Challenge!


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