Restorative Yoga

July 29, 2021

6:00pm - 7:00pm

200 Rex Place

$15 single class pass or included with multi class pass

New Class on Thursdays!
Relax & recharge in this beautifully restorative yoga class done entirely on the floor. We will use props to support our bodies for optimum relaxation and surrender.
Many of you have asked for the return of restorative yoga in our Studio and it is finally back. Thank you for your patience, as we gently step back indoors for this serene yoga experience.  You could say we have restored Restorative Yoga!
Please bring a yoga mat.  You will also need a blanket, strap or scarf, and pillow or bolster. You may bring your own props or borrow shared props from the studio.  If you plan on using a studio bolster, please bring a pillow slip or extra blanket to cover your bolster.  Share props at your own risk.  Sanitizing sprays will be on hand for you to use before and after borrowing.
Your class is limited to twelve students and one instructor.  Pre-registration, pre-payment, and signed waiver through your Mind Body profile are required prior to arrival in class.
Are you new to Madeira Beach Yoga?  Creating a Mind Body profile is free and easy.  Follow the Registration link below and you will be prompted to choose a class and create an account.
No walk-up, unregistered students can be accepted for class.
**Please note, because of the limited capacity of our classes, we ask that you cancel your reservation at least one hour prior to class, refunds will not be provided for no shows.
The register link below will bring you to our weekly Schedule, choose the day/time of the class you want to join and Sign Up!   Thursday, July 29th kicks off the return of Restorative Yoga.  It is newly a weekly class on the schedule.

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