Live Zoom Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

August 28, 2020

6:00pm - 7:15pm

Your home


Calm your nervous system, relieve stress & let in some joy in the comfort of your own space in this Live Zoom Yoga Nidra class. Join us lying down or seated.

Yoga Nidra, meaning yogic sleep, is a guided meditation that takes you into a relaxed state similar to when falling asleep. In Yoga Nidra we can restore our body, mind and senses while tapping into a deep sense of calm and relaxation. After this seventy five minute class of guided meditation and light stretching you will “awaken” with a sense of feeling refreshed and rested.

No yoga or meditation experience necessary. Nidra meditation is available for anyone ready for its healing benefits. Have blankets and pillows ready to create the most relaxing space for yourself.

Enjoy this class in the comfort of your own space then feel blissed out for the rest of the evening.

Cost: $10 drop-in or included in your LIVE Zoom multi-class pass or Unlimited Monthly Bundle.
**Register for class using the link below and your Zoom link will be emailed to you at 5pm, one hour before class start time.


New to Zoom? It is a free, easy and safe platform to use, they have significantly stepped up their safety protocols with the increase in use. Watch and listen via Zoom from your phone, tablet, laptop or connected thru your tv. No one can see or hear you when you join our Live Zoom classes, they only see the Instructor. Set your view to “Instructor View”, sit back, relax and enjoy. Learn more about Zoom.

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