Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane Hermine temporarily erased all evidence of our lovely beachfront here in Madeira Beach, with waves crashing all the way up to sea walls. This covered our beach yoga “studio” with 2 feet of water and closed our indoor studio and patio practice for nearly a week. Here we are 10 days later with much gratitude that mother nature was gentle on our close knit community. The beaches have returned to normal, most debris is cleared away from the streets and property with no lasting damage occurring to our studio or patio spaces.

This September, we have rolled out a new fall schedule with additional classes to inspire all sorts of yogis to join in the fun. There is a new Senior class, Lunchtime yoga class, Yin is back on the schedule, another Restorative class and 2 classes starting later in the evening, as requested by many students.

Check out our new Schedule and see if something fits for you!

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