Let it Rest

Recently I had the exciting opportunity to attend an Aqua Yoga teacher training in Mt. Dora. I met some extraordinarily inspired women and my new guru, Camella Nair. One of my favorite parts of furthering my training as a yoga teacher is always the opportunity to hear other teachers describe the same things I continuously describe (postures, breathing exercises etc.) in new and refreshing ways.

Camella did just that with Savasana (sha-va-sa-na), everyone’s favorite final resting pose. Her description was so whimsical and spot on, that I knew I had to share with you. She told us to imagine bread or pizza dough when you are first making it. It is sticky and not very easy to work with. Once the dough is made and rolled into a ball, you cover it and let it rest. After the dough has rested for an appropriate amount of time, it becomes incredibly soft and pliable. It has received and assimilated the benefits of resting and is now something beautiful and easy to work with.

The same is true with our yoga practice. If we jump up or check out during Savasana, before allowing our benefits to sink in, we may immediately return to the state where we were before we began…like the pre-rested dough, sticky and not very easy to work with.

Don’t cheat yourself dear one. You deserve to receive all the benefits from each and every practice. You showed up and did the work now let it rest. The next time you are lying in Savasana and your to-do list threatens to derail your quiet time….release it. Let those thoughts float right back out of your consciousness because surely, it can wait five more minutes. Let it go and let it rest. You deserve it.


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