Sedentary is Cemetery

Sandy, far left in Madeira Beach Yoga Challenge

Someone recently shared a comment with me that bears repeating, “sedentary is cemetery”. This person was heading out for their daily walk, a new iteration of their lifestyle post- heart attack and organ transplant.

I have heard many different ways of saying that it is important to stay active, such as: movement is medicine, move it or lose it, exercise is the fountain of youth, the worst thing you can do is nothing, and many others. This is the first one that stopped me in my tracks while I felt the resounding depth of the statement travel through every part of my body from head to toe.  It moved my soul.

What did he just say? Sedentary is cemetery. Yes, I heard that correctly and will never forget his knowing smile nearly having died from years of his own inactivity. Sharing his second chance at life was a gift that I will continue to cherish with him.

Owning a yoga studio, we are already on the same page, most of the time. I enjoy our yoga classes, walk the dog and sometimes do light weight lifting for arm strength in particular. Yet, I am one of those who spends all day on my computer working, communicating with clients via all sorts of digital platforms, virtual meetings, phone calls, website, social media, enews, texting, emails, IM, whatever method is preferred. And, then suddenly hours later, I realize I have been sedentary almost the entire day.   It’s time for more movement.

Learning to incorporate activity in my daily worklife.

One of the methods I am newly engaging is to set a one hour timer. When that timer goes off, I have to get up, move, take strides down the hallway and do a few minutes of stretches. Then, get a fresh glass of water and return to my devices. I’m finding that this helps me stay more refreshed, taking short 5-7 minute breaks each hour. My body is happier and my mind is more clear.

Take time today to decide how you are able to incorporate a little more physical activity into your daily routine. Like me, it will hopefully lift your spirits, clear your mind and refresh your body. You deserve it.

—Sandy  (that’s me pictured on the left in the photo, courtesy of Natalie S.)

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