Sherry Duquet

Sherry Duquet always felt too intimidated to walk into a Yoga studio and unroll a mat. She was curious and wanted to try, but felt afraid to do so. Sherry worried she wasn’t mindful or flexible enough to participate. She took classes right here with Madeira Beach Yoga and quickly learned that yoga is for everyone, including her.

She learned how welcoming Yoga can be, and the healing benefits it can provide.  It felt astonishing. This would now be her professional focus. Sherry was initially trained at Balance Yoga Therapy and became further certified in Yin Yoga, Aqua Yoga and now Yoga for Trauma.  Seeking to introduce yoga to all ages, she gained expertise in YogaFit Seniors. Then, on the other end of the age range, created and taught a Children’s Yoga curriculum.

Sherry’s classes are inviting and inclusive for both experienced Yogis and those who are Yoga curious. She is obsessed with raising the self esteem of men, women and children. And she does this through teaching yoga and her best selling children’s book about loving yourself, Violet the Hugging Octopus.


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