Vanessa Costanzo

After graduating from the University of Tampa in 2013 with a B.A in psychology and a minor in applied dance, Vanessa moved back home to NY for the summer and decided to try yoga at a local studio.

She faced anxiety and depression while growing up, and heard that yoga was helpful for both. Vanessa started taking a lot of restorative classes and for the first time in what felt like her entire life, she felt a sense of peace.

When moving back to Florida, she knew she wanted to try more yoga classes, and so she did! She tried everything from gentle yoga to hot power flow and all that was in between. A few months later she enrolled in a yoga teacher training program at The Lotus Pond and graduated in 2014. Vanessa began teaching as soon as she could and was excited to share her passion and love for yoga with her community. Vanessa’s classes are focused on joining the breath with mindful movement, and allowing each student to meet themselves exactly where they are; with no judgement and an open heart.


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