Gingerly Drink to Your Health

I am always excited to learn new and easy ways to heal, nourish and love my body.  I recently visited my naturopath with a chronically upset stomach and acid reflux. Like many, I tend to carry my troubles in my belly. There didn’t appear to be a rhyme or reason to this discomfort. It was not predicated by specific food or certain experiences. It just showed up and hung around. Regardless of my vegan/gluten free diet and yoga lifestyle….I was really bummin’ out with belly pain.  She suggested that I start sipping Ginger Juice throughout the day.

She told me to blend organic ginger in good quality water, strain and sip…..all day in place of the water I would normally be sipping. So that is exactly what I did and I have to tell you…..I have been simply amazed. My acidic esophagus and stomach righted itself almost immediately. My belly bloating and pain went away as well. An unexpected perk was that it tastes absolutely delicious and makes me feel fantastic from the inside out. Ginger juice is easy to make and easy to love.  Google the benefits of raw ginger and see if you could benefit from a little bit of ginger too.

Make it Happenimg_0788

~Buy raw, organic ginger. A large piece or two

~Carefully peel and chop

~Blend very well with good quality water

~Strain into a glass jar (I found this huge mason jar at Party City)

img_0793~Make it as sassy or as mild as you would like by adding additional water to taste

~You may also add a dash of your favorite sweetener, but stay conservative because you will want to sip it all day.

~Chill and enjoy.

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