Feelings are Okay. Healing After the Hurricane

Give yourself time for healing after the hurricane.

As Hurricane Irma churned its way toward our state, we packed up our Chihuahua Chloe and as many of our belongings that would fit in our Jeep. We locked the doors and drove as far away from Madeira Beach as we could get. We hunkered down, lost power and nearly lost our minds with worry and fear. Tears were shed and carbs were consumed as we waited and waited and waited. Irma came to where we hid in Orlando with a vengeance. I cried and prayed. The sounds we experienced in our studio apartment were unraveling.

Despite my fear to the contrary, daylight eventually came and the howling winds began to subside. As if on cue, a totally bizarre rainbow unfurled its color across the creepy dark sky. It felt very strange and misplaced, post hurricane.

We made it!

There we were, alive, unscathed.  We spent the rest of the day playing  card games with the people we love, laughing and consuming the rest of our hurricane booze. The next day we packed up our hurricane hiding place and drove back to our home in Madeira Beach as if we had been on vacation. But here’s the thing…we hadn’t been on vacation, we fled our home hoping to live through a hurricane and then have a home to return to. We had just spent the better part of a week steeped in extreme anxiety.

Back home.

We returned to Madeira Beach to find only minimal damage to our home and the homes of those we love. It was nothing short of a miracle.  It is a miracle and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the safety of our community. That being said,  I have noticed that I am still pretty sad and having a difficult time feeling safe and okay even though we are now…very safe and very okay. So, I thought I would share to let you know that it if you are not yet feeling yourself, you are not alone.

It is okay to still feel sad, angry or whatever you are feeling. Those feelings do not negate your gratitude or happiness to be alive. Your feelings do not negate or supersede your awareness that it could have been a lot worse and was for so many others.

It’s okay to have both……insane amounts of gratitude,  fear or whatever is coming up for you. Your feelings are not mutually exclusive and please know that every single one of them is valid.

Now is not the time to belittle or berate yourself for how you are processing a natural disaster. Give yourself time and acknowledge that you are doing the very best you can, as you are healing after the hurricane. Now is the time to take loving care of yourself.

Take care of yourself.

Engage in self care as you are able. If helping others fills you up and makes you feel whole, do that. Not ready for that yet….take a walk on the beach, join us for a class or eat more carbs if that is what you need. Get plenty of rest and allow your body and mind catch up with the fact that you are okay. We are okay.

If you or a loved one could benefit from a yoga class but are experiencing financial hardship…please let us know and join us anyway. We welcome you with open hearts regardless of your ability to pay. Yoga is healing and plus….it just feels really good. 727-401-7380  info@MadeiraBeachYoga.com

If you need more help than what we can provide, please reach out. To us, to someone. There is no shame in asking for help and you are not alone.

We love and support you and all of your feelings, while healing after the hurricane.


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