Will Yoga for Popsicles

I have always been very reward focused. Those tees that say, will work-out for champagne/cupcakes/lattes were created with me in mind. So I decided to create swanky popsicles that can be enjoyed after yoga or your activity of choice.  Yes, I will yoga for popsicles as my reward!

In this recipe, the base is unsweetened coconut water, then it is stuffed with vitamin rich,  fiber-full fresh fruit. Because of it’s high potassium level, coconut water is a delicious, all natural electrolyte beverage for rehydrating after exercise.

The truth is…you don’t need an excuse (exercise) to enjoy your fancy, fruit pops. It is a snack that will love you back. Have fun experimenting with your favorite fruits and remember there is no wrong way to make a popsicle.


~Popsicle molds of your choice (I bought mine from Publix because I love the attached straw that prevents drips)

~1 box unsweetened coconut water (I used the 33.8 oz Trader Joe’s brand found in the shelf stable beverage aisle. Way more than you need so drink the rest,  Look for any unsweetened coconut water if there isn’t a Trader Joe’s near you)

~Fruit of your choice-slice larger pieces of fruit into thin slices and leave smaller ones whole, such as blueberries (For the pops pictured I used blackberries, blueberries and kiwi)  Mix this up and use fresh fruit that is available seasonally near you.

Make it Happen

~Stuff popsicle molds with fruit, alternating colors and varieties

~Pour coconut water over fruit to just below the top of the molds

~Insert popsicle tops

~Freeze for several hours

~Enjoy hydrating with your swanky, inexpensive, delicious popsicles.

Always stay hydrated and have a delicious day~



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